Ed Zuccollo is, in my honest opinion, one of the true masters of analogue synthesis. Not only is he technically astounding, his musicality and musical signature is second to none. When you’ve had a trip to ‘Planet Ed’ you will never want to leave!
— Adam Page

Introducing New Zealand based keyboardist and producer, Ed Zuccollo. Ed is the keys player for Trinity Roots, Flite, and Tyson Smith, and has done session recording for artists from Thomas Oliver to Mel Parsons, and Electric Wire Hustle to Hollie Smith. His range and knowledge of vintage and classic keyboard instruments, synthesisers and effects make him versatile and unique in the performance and session recording industry.

As well as performing in bands and as a solo act, Zuccollo designed and teaches the Introduction to Electronic Music Production at Rata Studios in Wellington, NZ. He has also taken various workshops and masterclasses, educating on performing live and as a session player, as well as presentations on the history, design and sound of the classic Minimoog synthesizer.

In Ed’s solo shows, you’ll be taken on your own personal journey through music he creates live and in his studio, whether it’s an immersive Ed’s Room sound and light experience or an eclectic mix of beats, bass and beautiful atmospherics. Ed has a relaxed and charming demeanour, interspersing entertaining chat throughout the set, while his undeniable skill on the 70s Minimoog synthesizer is a pleasure to watch. He uses a sampler or DJ setup to bring you the music he has crafted in his studio and a variety of vintage keyboards.

Ed is incredibly sensitive to musical synergy ... has a great ear for many genres of music [and an] insatiable quest for sonic quality
— Warren Maxwell (Trinity Roots, Little Bushman)
In an increasingly saturated music market, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out. Ed’s shows stand out as a musical experience on a planet of their own.
— Thomas Oliver
... his insane musicality and intuitive understanding of synthesizers is nothing short of astonishing.
— Rhian Sheehan
[Ed has a] reputation as an outstanding musician, synthesist and all round talented guy - [a] creative genius
— Dave Whitehead (Sound designer - District 9, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Bladerunner 2049)