'This is a masterpiece! It is as though a violent pileup on the cosmic highway ended up with Bill Withers, Return to Forever, Bootsie Collins, Carl Sagan and Troy Kingi all sitting in the back of the same Cadillac passing around doobies with the 8-Track blaring... This monster is born from the conceptual lovemaking between Zappa’s ‘Inca Roads’ and the soundtracks of Dr Who and Red Dwarf. It is beautifully mixed and produced, eschewing all the usual tropes of ‘New Zealand Music’, while utilising the talents of some our best. This is what the soundtrack to our indigenous cosmic myths would sound like if they had been written in the 70’s, produced in the year 2500 AD and then downloaded to the present. Forget ‘Lorde’, Kingi is the new king of our industry.' - Chris Gee

I play Rhodes and Minimoog throughout on a cosmic-funk journey that was unfolding before me, as I played tunes I'd first heard the night before - almost all just one take, no layers, as I fell sick the following tracking day and so my parts are as is. I quite like that!

trinity roots

After being called in to session Minimoog on 'This Road' and 'Village Man' off the 2015 'Citizen' album that won the Vodafone Music Awards Best Roots Album 2015, I joined the band on multiple national tours, Australian tours and festivals playing Rhodes and Minimoog.

tyson smith

"With his progressive, electrified, solemn and churning second full album, Tyson Smith has carved out a niche groove in which to reside in the framework of modern NZ blues and folk" - New Zealand Musician Magazine

Tyson's 2015 album 'The Hollow Tree' features myself on Minimoog bass and the legend Rick Cranson on drums.

thomas oliver

Thomas Oliver is an award-winning singer-songwriter who is also internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading players of the Weissenborn lap-steel guitar.

Thomas had me record on seven of the tracks on Thomas' latest album 'Floating in the Darkness' on Hammond Organ, Rhodes and Minimoog, and you'll find me on stage with him for his full band shows.

rhian sheehan

Rhian Sheehan is an award-winning music producer and screen composer from New Zealand.

Playing synths with Rhian at the Opera House in November 2013 for the release of Rhian's album 'Standing in Silence' with Orchestra Wellington was epic... Footage here.

mel parsons

Award-winning singer songwriter Mel Parsons is well recognised as one of New Zealand’s established songwriting stars.

I recorded Hammond, Rhodes and Piano on Mel Parsons' first album 'Over My Shoulder' in 2009, which went on to be a finalist in the 2009 New Zealand Music Awards for Best Folk Album of the Year. I also played Hammond Organ and Piano on her third and latest album, 'Drylands', released in 2015. 

miles calder & the rumours

Nestled somewhere between Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan and 70s Neil Young, Miles Calder & The Rumours’ brand of atmospheric Americana dresses Calder’s heartfelt songs with striving harmonies and earthy tones.

The Rumours called me in to play the Hammond Organ parts on their latest self-titled album, released in 2016.

darren watson

No-one plays the blues like Darren Watson. Over the better part of three decades he has developed a style that, while touching on all of the greats who inspired him, is personal, powerful and identifiably his own." 
- Nick Bollinger | Radio New Zealand

My biggest role recording just Hammond Organ at the time (2010) was on Darren Watson's album 'Saint Hilda's Faithless Boy'.

Additional session credits

Iva Lamkum

Bella Kalolo

pacific heights

Drax Project


Hollie Smith


Electric Wire Hustle

Jed Parsons

Benny Tones

Tyna Keelan


Mara & the Bushkas

Ria Hall


Frank Burkitt


Dan Sharp