The Zuke concept is an exploratory journey into the physicality of immense bass, aimed at confronting big systems head-on.

In 2018, led by the jungle renaissance and a renewed interest in bass-heavy electronic music - the Zuke project has been propelled into existence. 






ed’s room

Ed’s Room is an immersive sound and light experience held in intimate spaces designed to distort time and space, and take you on your own personal journey. Keep an eye on the gigs section for upcoming dates.


Flite is a three-piece with vocalist and guitarist Nikita Tu-Bryant and drummer Rick Cranson. We focus on storytelling and dynamic with an epic and lush flavour. I play Moog bass and Rhodes typically with a lot of reverb using the Strymon BigSky. We released a single 'Mariana's Trenchcoat' in 2014 and 'Try to Find a Way’ in 2019.

harbour city electric

HCE was a seven piece band including two horns, guitar, drums, bass, keys, and vocals. We played multiple national tours and festivals over the period of 2006-2010, and released two albums 'EP' and 'Without a Sound'. I wrote for it, played Hammond, Minimoog, Roland Jupiter 8, Hohner Clavinet, Rhodes, and part produced and assisted in record engineering.

spook city

Spook City, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and composer Adam Page, consists of Adam Page on saxophone, Angus Mason on drums, Hugh Harvey on drums, and myself on Moog bass and Rhodes. Page's simple compositions are used as vehicles for improvisation, and the music you hear on this album is literally the first time this group ever played together.