This project for me consisted of production, vocal production, recording, arranging, and mixing. I played piano, synths, programmed the drums, recorded strings, and sung some backing vocals. I also co-wrote the first song 'Sugar Plum'.

this city never sleeps

I was commissioned by Clemenger BBDO to compose, record and mix a piece for WREDA's winter campaign. This included writing for strings and flute, and recording them with Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios in Wellington.


Mariana's Trenchcoat single (record engineering, production, mixing).

We are in the process of recording our album too, and the drums through the Ekadek Alfredo custom recording console sound so good!

Additional credits

Mara & the Bushkas - 'To The Sea' album (mixing, post production)

Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men - 'Big Sur' album (record engineering, mixing)

Nikita the Spooky and a Circus of Men - 'Live at Happy' album (mixing, additional recording)